A TAP on the Shoulder

October 21, 2019

By Bill Jacoby

It is past time for Americans to apply their intelligence to taking back their world from corporations and imperialists.

From Eisenhower’s discovery of the military-industrial-congressional complex—to the whitewashed investigations of the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11—Americans have left their government in the hands of an unaccountable minority.

For that abdication of responsibility, they have been rewarded with predictable consequences:

  • endless war
  • endless profiteering
  • pillaging of the planet and the people in unlucky lands
  • oligarchic control of the public mind via propaganda

The most insidious of these is control of the public mind.  The values of truth, science, civics, and mutual respect have been polluted to the point where no one can be trusted implicitly.

This control is shown by the news not covered, including crimes against Earth, humanity, and the Constitution.  Yet we are responsible as citizens for crimes committed or covered up in our names.

Many such crimes can be traced to the assassinations of 1963-68, the attacks of 9/11, and the launch of the War on Terror.

The 9/11 Truth Action Project (TAP) is about:

  • ending America’s war with the world
  • transparency and accountability for the War on Terror and other state crimes against democracy
  • exposing and neutralizing propaganda
  • replacing the power of money in politics with the power of the many
  • ending corporate control over economic and environmental policies
  • a free internet; and pluralistic media.

TAP is an experiment in re-inventing democracy.   It envisions grassroots community of creative citizen volunteers working in teams to–

  • organize support groups on social media, and in homes and libraries across America
  • develop new political strategies, alliances, leaders, and structures
  • teach citizens how to recognize, reject and refute propaganda

TAP needs people with leadership talent to develop projects and lead or join teams.

Do you care enough to help?  Contact the Truth Action Project at www.911tap.org to join others like yourself.