The Working Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (filed and pending approval), which seeks funding to pursue research analyzing all evidence germane to questions surrounding 9/11 and the global “War on Terror.”   
Research endeavors we seek to fund include: PhD dissertations, conferences, and educational outreach.  Funding is essential as many traditional endowments  shy away from the subject-matter we are trying to broach.  If you, or an organization you represent, are interested in funding this important research with a tax-deductible donation, please contribute by clicking the link below.  All donations are welcome and appreciated!
The Working Group is composed of academics and independent researchers who interrogate the ongoing 9/11 global “War on Terror” and some of its most fundamental premises.  
For years, many of the Working Group’s associated researchers have led the scholarly effort to challenge prevailing official explanations used to justify the West’s expanding global ‘war on terror’  and the ongoing domestic repeal of civil liberties within states that purport liberal-democratic governance.  
Because academics who challenge prevailing official explanations for the 9/11 global “War on Terror” face institutional impediments separate from the relevance and quality of their scholarly work, progress to broach this important research within the academy has been slowed.  The Working Group created this 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (filed and pending approval) to help our associated researchers, and other interested scholars, overcome institutional and social challenges that have constrained academic research on this issue.
The Working Group seeks to include additional academics and independent scholars who are interested in advancing research that incorporates all relevant evidence in the analysis of propaganda related to the 9/11 global “War on Terror.”
If you think your research interests might align, please contact the Working Group with information about your academic background and scholarly aspirations.  Potential opportunities exist to fund research initiatives.