Associated Researchers

V.N. Alexander (PhD, Novelist, Philosopher of Science, Dactyl Foundation)
John Scales Avery (PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Winner of 1995 Nobel Peace Prize with Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs)
Tabe Bergman (PhD, Assistant Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Media and Communication, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)
Oliver Boyd-Barrett (Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University)
Daniel Broudy (Professor, Okinawa Christian University)
Matt Campbell (9/11 Victim Family Member)
Edward Curtin (Independent Writer, Researcher, Former Sociology Professor)
Lucy Morgan Edwards (Independent Researcher, Author)
Richard Ellefritz (Assistant Professor, University of the Bahamas)
Daniele Ganser (PhD, Swiss Historian and Peace Researcher)
David Ray Griffin
(PhD, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Religion and Theology, Claremont School of Theology, Co-Founder of 9/11 Consensus Panel)
Anthony James Hall (Professor Emeritus, Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada; Editor-In-Chief, American Herald Tribune)
Niels Harrit (PhD, Associate Professor [ret.], Dept. of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Ian Henshall (Author, MA [Oxon], MSc [Oxon])
Barbara Honegger
(Dept. of Defense Senior Military Affairs Journalist (ret.), Author)
David Hughes (Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Lincoln)
William Jacoby (Attorney, retired; Chair, 9/11 Truth Action Project)
Lissa Johnson (PhD, Freelance Writer and Psychologist)
Lars Jorgensen (Sociologist, Former Associate Professor)
Jeremy Keenan (Visiting Professor, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London)
Jeffery Klaehn (PhD, Independent Scholar, Canada)
Robert Sean Lewis (aka Rafiq)
(Freelance Writer and Filmmaker)

Ben Lindsley (Researcher, MA Philosophy, Southern Illinois University)
David CG Llewelyn (Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
Graeme MacQueen (Associate Professor of Religious Studies, McMaster University, retired)
Mark Crispin Miller (Professor of Media Studies, New York University)
Peter Philips
(Professor of Political Sociology, Sonoma State University)
Barry Pollick (PhD, Adjunct Professor of Communication, Okinawa University, Japan)
Ed Rankin
Piers Robinson (PhD, Co-Director of Organisation for Propaganda Studies)
Matthew Witt (PhD, Professor of Public Administration, University of La Verne)
Elizabeth Woodworth (Independent Researcher, Author, Co-Founder of 9/11 Consensus Panel)